September 2012

More TPOG Festival Selections!

The Problem of Gravity will be showing in a few more times in its festival run. It is an official selection of the Williamsburg International Film Festival, The DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival and the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (an Academy Award Qualifying festival). buy kamagra online

Cyberdyne Systems?


The geniuses over at Harvard and MIT have come up with biocompatible transistors that can be wired into human tissue essentially combining cybernetics and tissue engineering. They’ve created a 3-D tissue scaffold out of epoxy (a nontoxic material) that can support cell growth but also contains nanowires for electronic sensors. These “living” sensors could then be implanted into living tissue and be used to monitor cellular electrical activity. The sensors could measure things like inflammation, pH changes and other biochemical events in patients which could advance the treatment of cardiac, neurological disease.

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Food Transportation Shoot

Just shot a project for the American Museum of Natural History about food transportation. We touched on how bananas, tuna, lamb and apples get from their places of origin to our plates.

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