April 2013

Dell Print Booking

Booked and shot a print job for Dell. There was an Asian group and also a Caucasian group for the shoot. I played a computer IT guy.

Foxwoods Commercial and Print Ad

I appear in two Foxwoods casino ads and also a print ad from last year. The first one you really have to look for me. They made the second one from our photo session.


Fashion City Trailer

I shot a recurring role for a pilot called Fashion City a while back and found that a trailer has been out for over half a year now. I’m at the 13 second mark. Although I speak English here, my role is mostly Mandarin speaking.

Prudential Industrial

The final product from the industrial booked earlier this year! I have a twin…an evil, anxious twin.

TPOG now in 15 festivals!

The Problem of Gravity has now become an official selection of the Hill County Film Festival in Fredericksburg, Texas beating out over 200 other short films! This makes it our fifteenth film festival as well as appearing on TV on PBS!

Coke Zero Commercial

A March Madness Coke Zero commercial spot I did.

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