Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Flew back to Michigan to shoot a small scene in the new Batman/Superman movie. Crazy to meet Ben Affleck and crazy that he’s the new Batman! I can’t really say much about the film, but it was a pretty amazing shoot and…yeah, totally took care of two items on my bucket-list in one go!

My Short film ‘The Waltz’

I shot my short film ‘The Waltz’ over the weekend and wow. It was amazing seeing my writing and these images floating around in my head come to life! It was an amazing experience working with some AMAZING people!

Believe on NBC

Here’s a clip of me in Believe!

Barnes and Noble

Booked a Barnes and Noble print job!


Booked and shot an episode on the new NBC show Believe! I played a trainer that trains kids on how to use their psychic powers! The cool thing is that it wasn’t an Asian role, and I booked it over a bunch of other actors, white, black, asian, and male and female!


Booked a Google print job for their upcoming business app campaign.

The Blacklist on NBC

Looks like I got cut out of the scene. All you see is my arm and my voice. Oh well…thems is the breaks! Haha!

Nike Commercial

Booked and shot a Nike Commercial as a hockey player. The set was at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ.

Sundance/A3 Feature Film Fellowship

Submitted to the Sundance/Asian-American Artists Feature Film Fellowship with my script Yu and Mi. Will find out by October 18th if accepted. Fingers crossed!



Booked and shot a MTV Truth PSA about the dangers of smoking, taking place in a survivor style game.

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