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Cyberdyne Systems?


The geniuses over at Harvard and MIT have come up with biocompatible transistors that can be wired into human tissue essentially combining cybernetics and tissue engineering. They’ve created a 3-D tissue scaffold out of epoxy (a nontoxic material) that can support cell growth but also contains nanowires for electronic sensors. These “living” sensors could then be implanted into living tissue and be used to monitor cellular electrical activity. The sensors could measure things like inflammation, pH changes and other biochemical events in patients which could advance the treatment of cardiac, neurological disease.

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Lord Jesus! Bootleg fireworks!


A cautionary tale about purchasing bootleg fireworks, and having water handy when setting off said bootleg fireworks.

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Spray-on Lithium Ion Battery

Spray Battery

Some of the uber smart students at Rice University invented a spray-on lithium ion battery that can be applied to practically any surface. The spray paint battery is applied in a multi-step process painting the different layers onto the surface. Looking at the data sheet, it seems that each of the small panels have a capacity of 90mAh, and compared with my google nexus battery of 2000 mAh it’s not too shabby! When this technology is utilized in conjunction with a solar panel, it can charge the spray batteries for a multitude of applications from powering homes with electricity when sprayed onto the exterior surfaces to awesome, awesome street art, that could play with ideas of light and dark, which I’m pretty geeked about. Check out the video below!

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This is an amazing video of two girls rowing in River Shannon in Ireland witnessing an amazing phenomenon of a starling murmuration (the name for a flock of starlings). I looked up the science of what allows this synchronization and it seems that the murmuration acts more like physics particles than birds. The idea is simple, when your neighbor moves, you do as well. However, scientist haven’t figured out how the large scale patterns are created and maintained with an uncanny sort of order. To check out the video, click below.

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