Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Flew back to Michigan to shoot a small scene in the new Batman/Superman movie. Crazy to meet Ben Affleck and crazy that he’s the new Batman! I can’t really say much about the film, but it was a pretty amazing shoot and…yeah, totally took care of two items on my bucket-list in one go!

My Short film ‘The Waltz’

I shot my short film ‘The Waltz’ over the weekend and wow. It was amazing seeing my writing and these images floating around in my head come to life! It was an amazing experience working with some AMAZING people!

Believe on NBC

Here’s a clip of me in Believe!

Barnes and Noble

Booked a Barnes and Noble print job!


Booked and shot an episode on the new NBC show Believe! I played a trainer that trains kids on how to use their psychic powers! The cool thing is that it wasn’t an Asian role, and I booked it over a bunch of other actors, white, black, asian, and male and female!


Booked a Google print job for their upcoming business app campaign.

The Blacklist on NBC

Looks like I got cut out of the scene. All you see is my arm and my voice. Oh well…thems is the breaks! Haha!

Nike Commercial

Booked and shot a Nike Commercial as a hockey player. The set was at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ.

Sundance/A3 Feature Film Fellowship

Submitted to the Sundance/Asian-American Artists Feature Film Fellowship with my script Yu and Mi. Will find out by October 18th if accepted. Fingers crossed!



Booked and shot a MTV Truth PSA about the dangers of smoking, taking place in a survivor style game.

Chinese Video Game Shoot

Booked and shot a Chinese Video Game commercial.

The Blacklist

Booked and shot a small role on the new NBC show The Blacklist with James Spader. It will be in the 4th episode.

Dell Print Booking

Booked and shot a print job for Dell. There was an Asian group and also a Caucasian group for the shoot. I played a computer IT guy.

Foxwoods Commercial and Print Ad

I appear in two Foxwoods casino ads and also a print ad from last year. The first one you really have to look for me. They made the second one from our photo session.


Fashion City Trailer

I shot a recurring role for a pilot called Fashion City a while back and found that a trailer has been out for over half a year now. I’m at the 13 second mark. Although I speak English here, my role is mostly Mandarin speaking.

Prudential Industrial

The final product from the industrial booked earlier this year! I have a twin…an evil, anxious twin.

TPOG now in 15 festivals!

The Problem of Gravity has now become an official selection of the Hill County Film Festival in Fredericksburg, Texas beating out over 200 other short films! This makes it our fifteenth film festival as well as appearing on TV on PBS!

Coke Zero Commercial

A March Madness Coke Zero commercial spot I did.

Google Nexus 7 Commercial

The Google Nexus 7 Commercial!

Prudential Booking

Staring the year right with a Prudential internal industrial!

More TPOG Festival Selections!

The Problem of Gravity will be showing in a few more times in its festival run. It is an official selection of the Williamsburg International Film Festival, The DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival and the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (an Academy Award Qualifying festival). buy kamagra online

Food Transportation Shoot

Just shot a project for the American Museum of Natural History about food transportation. We touched on how bananas, tuna, lamb and apples get from their places of origin to our plates.

Google Nexus 7 Booking

Booked and shot a Google Nexus 7 commercial! It was a really fun shoot and should be an enjoyable commercial to watch too! I’m thinking about getting one as well!

Control Trailer

Here’s the trailer to the pilot ‘Control’ that I shot a few months earlier:

Fashion City Pilot

I play the role of a cheating boyfriend in a new television pilot that is cross between “Sex in the City” a Korean drama. The role is in both Mandarin and English. The show if picked up will be playing in the US as well as China.

The Problem of Gravity

After a nice festival run and a New York world premier, The Problem of Gravity is now released online. It got over 2000 views in the first 3 days online! Check it out:



Just shot a new pilot called ‘Control’ from the makers of Pioneer One. It’s about a space mission to mine an astroid and the international conflicts that arise. The script is VERY well written and exciting!

The Problem of Gravity will be playing at the Brooklyn Film Festival and KAFFNY!

The Problem of Gravity got into the Brooklyn Film Festival’s KidsFilmFest and also the Korean American Film Festival New York!

Breathe Right Booking

Just booked and shot a Breathe Right demo commercial. Very low key shoot since I was pretending to sleep during my scene.

Hasbro Toyfair

Booked a job working as a toy demonstrator for Hasbro at the Toy Fair. I gave demonstrations for the Game of Life Zapped, which added an iPad to the gameplay. I also met the inventor of the game of life!

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